Wednesday, June 30, 2004 - Revolutionary War Sources: "Revolutionary War Sources Kip Sperry"

The American Revolution, a major military conflict between the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain, began in 1775 and ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1783. As a result of the Revolutionary War, also known as the American War of Independence, many historical and genealogically-related records were created. This column overviews some of the major records.
One of the most valuable collection of records for this conflict is the Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land-Warrant Application Files which consists of some eighty thousand military application files. Service is based on participation of American military, naval, and marine officers and enlisted men in the Revolutionary War. Bounty land warrants were granted by the federal government to veterans who served in the Revolutionary War, or were granted to their heirs. The collection has been microfilmed by the National Archives (microfilm M804, 2,670 rolls) and is available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and the Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. Records are arranged alphabetically by surname. See the Family History Library Catalog (FHLC) for microfilm numbers. Other records for the Revolutionary War are housed at the NARA.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Southeastern Nebraska Biographical and Genealogical History
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Ex-Governor Robert W. Furnas
Charles F. Stewart, M.D., George L. Lore
George L. Lore
George E. Dye
Austin C. Mutz
John Hamilton Shook
W.H. Richards
William Gaede
George T. Dustin
William White
Thomas B. Skeen
Captain C.F. Nye
Samuel L. Caldwell
Robert G. Gilmore
Robert C. Boyd
Clayton E. Blessing
Thomas Copeland
Albert B. Mutz
William H. Allvord
Hon. P.H. James
Thomas J. Keedy
William C. Parriott
Lorin Rounds
Edward H. Dort
G.T. Belding
Abraham Lincoln Lawrence
James A. Stephenson
Mrs. Harriet Hoover
John Frederick
Charles R. Hacker
James E. Doyle
John Henry Dundas
Myron G. Randall
William R. Chaney
J. Louis Engel
William H. Stowell
William H. McIninch
Peter Carey
George Buchanan Armstrong
Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Fuller
James Raynor
James Cowel
Lieutenant Joseph K. Pittman
Casner Barnes
Louis H. Rohmeyer
Chester Reuben Camp
Hon. John H. Pohlman
Henrick L. Watson
John Edward Lambert
John W. Barnhart
Abner R. Loofbourrow
Benjamin T. Skeen
Guilford Lilly
William M. Kauffman
Charles August Wey
Andrew H. Gilmore
Captain Absalom M. Enoch
Thomas J. Stockman
Daniel Confer
Frank W. Riesenberg
Jeremiah Marlatt
Daniel D. Davis
Josiah Gilliland
Henry A. Scott
Clarence E. Ord
Edward J. Tucker
Fred Parker
Bernard Ottens
Joseph Ogle
Samuel B. Dooley
John H. Coatney
Monroe T. Conner
Henry B. Erisman
Frank A. Carmony
William H. Lohr
William Arthur Clark
William Tynon
Charles Cuez
Hon. Thomas Jefferson Majors
Harvey J. Callen
August Eckhardt
William Holroyd
Albert C. Leeper
Albert Koeppel
William Watson
Charles B. Hurst
Shadrach M. Chaffin
Philip Jenkins
Alfred Page
Wesley G. Hummel
Michael Meliza
Abraham Zook
W.H. Walker
J.W. Ashenfelter
Mrs. Eliza C. Smith
James Monroe Burress
John Palmer
Phillip Palmer
William Taylor
George Lum
Frank L. McNown
John F. Cornell
Swen A. Isaac
John W. Heskett, M.D.
H.M. Hepperlen
John Davies
A.D. Andrews
James Harvey Overman
Fred S. Hassler
Cyrus C. Meader
Robert T. Scott
John A. Ward
Lewis H. Dean
Robert D. Bennett
O.H. Loch
Michael Shafer
Walter D. Bush
J. Lee Dalbey
Harry Guy Hoover
John D. Shubert
Anthony Wayne Snyder
Dr. W.T. Sloan
John P. King
George Crow
Mrs. Ann Maxwell
Mrs. Mary E. Clark
John B. Lewis
Robert V. Muir
Benjaming Franklin Jones
Charles Merritt Welton
Jonas Druery
Valentine P. Peabody
Morgan H. Vandeventer
Levi Thacker
David Wilkie
James L. Shaw
George B. Lewis
Dr. J.W. McKibbin
Dudley Van Valkenburg
Charles Harden
W.M. Fulton
Benton Aldrich
James W. Hosford
F. E. Kimball
Samuel A. Kinney
Ross W. Nelson
Drury T. Easley
Lewis Harvlin Morris
William W. Jones
Appollas H. Millar
Elisha Huffman
John Hossack
James N. Porterfield
Hon. Joseph M. Cravens
Jacob W. Moore
Jefferson D. Brown
George H. Fallstead
Samuel E. Slocum
W.W. Wright
Captain Isaac N. Hickman
Henry C. Lapp
Lewis Achenbach
Joseph Lescher
Henry S. Meyers
James W. Pace
O.M. Enlow
Elias A. Maust
Hon. A.B. McNickle
William E. Dorrington
James Cussins
William Goldner
Jackson Cussins
Sanford D. Cole
Enos H. Reed
H.A. Given, M.D.
Mrs. Catherine Downs
P.L. Gillespie, M.D.
James A. McGuire
Lewis P. Wirth
George Lincoln Kennedy
Stephen Wilkenson Kennedy
Edward M. McComas
Mortimer M. McComas
William Henry Barker
H.J. Wetmore, D.D.S
L.R. Fritz, D.D.S.
Elward K. Legate
William W. Sanders
William Warren Smith
Gus Graff
James K. Goin
Greenville G. Shannon
Harrison Reed
Jackson Maxwell
William Retchless
Hiram Schoonover
Jonathan Carpenter
Abram F. Manley
Jesse Crook
Reb. Daniel L. McBride
Alanson M. Borst
John Albert Lawrence
Edward W. Snyder
Isaac Huyck
W.L. Heilman, M.D.
T.E. Massey, M.D.
D.J. Reid, M.D.
Simon Twedell
William L. Clark
Benjamin F. Showalter
William Brandow
Thomas W. Humphreys
John Wirick
Louis J. Nutzman
John Aumiller
John F. Holtgrewe
Rev. Conrad Deubler
Benjamin H. Bailey
William Henry Hawley
Harvey A. Brown
Frederick J. Hahn
Mrs. Catherine Hahn
Francis Barion Reed, M.D.
Carlton K. Chubbuck
Rev. Porter C. Johnson
Moses Langley
S.P. Davidson
Goerge J. Rubelman
Truman E. Fairall, M.D.
C.D. Barnes, M.D.
F.M. Cramb
Hon. Joseph B. McDowell