Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Google Maps

Many PAF-LUGgers may already be aware that Google is beta testing a map service at:

You can search for places by simply typing in an address. Go ahead, go to that site and type in your own address.

Now click on the “Satellite” link in the upper right corner of the page. Google will change the view from the “drawn” map to a satellite image of that map. You will see an aerial view of your home which you can zoom in or out of.

But here is the cool tip (and the reason I’m writing about this)...

Instead of entering an address, enter the following in the Google maps search box...

37.771008, -122.41175

Do those numbers look familiar? If so, you may own a GPS receiver and recognize them as latitude and longitude values (in this case for a spot in San Francisco). When you do that search, Google Maps will bring up a map for whatever is at that latitude and longitude. And if you switch to satellite mode you will see an actual aerial image of whatever is at that latitude and longitude.

Now if someone gives you a latitude / longitude for a cemetery, you can now verify that information online without having to travel there yourself.

I told you it was cool...

From RootsMagic Newsletter

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