Friday, September 15, 2006

New PAF Utility - Testers Needed

New PAF Utility - Testers Needed
I saw this posted on the PAF5 Mailing List and thought I would pass the info along.

We're looking for testers of a new PAF 5 utility!

This is Gaylon Findlay of Incline Software. My team wrote Ancestral Quest, which the LDS Church accepted as the basis for its current windows version of PAF. A couple of years ago, we made available a product called PAFWiz, and are now in final testing on a new version of PAFWiz. We need a few enthusiastic PAF 5 users to test this new version of PAFWiz.

A partial feature list includes:
* Major enhancements to the Source selection and entering process, including categorizing your sources and memorizing/reusing more sources
* Major enhancements to many PAF reports, and many new reports, including a new "Drop Line Descendant" report
* Ability to record To Do items and generate Research Logs from within your PAF data
* Advanced searches to and the IGI
* Enter data into your PAF 5 file right from PAFWiz screens
* Spell-Check your Notes
* Sort the Name Index by any field, not just Name and RIN
* Publish a Family Book. Select from a long list of report types several charts and reports, then have PAFWiz generate not only the reports, but a master index and table of contents.
* Add DNA Test results to your PAF data
* Greatly enhanced merge features
* And scores of additional wonderful features. We've just given you a small sampling here to wet you appetite.

If you're interested in testing this wonderful new PAF utility, please visit:

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