Monday, September 04, 2006

Beta Version of New Advanced Search Now Available

Beta Version of New Advanced Search Now Available has launched the beta version of its advanced search template. With the new template, you can now specify whether you want all criteria to match exactly by checking the Exact matches only box at the top of the page, or only certain fields. To specify only certain fields, uncheck Exact matches only and select the Exact box next to each field you wish to match exactly.

The new search form also includes the keyword search, as well as several fields for specifying dates and locations.

You can navigate to the advanced search box by selecting the Search tab from the navigation bar at the top of pages, and then selecting Advanced Search from the Search Resources box in the upper right hand portion of the page, or directly through this link: Advanced Search

Click on the Feedback link at the top of the Advanced Search page to submit your comments. If you experience problems using the search and would like to report them, please include details so that our technicians can recreate the problem and correct it. Thanks for your help in testing this beta version of the new search!