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CensusTools - FREE Genealogy Spreadsheets for Census, Cemetery and Passenger Manifest Data!

CensusTools - FREE Genealogy Spreadsheets for Census, Cemetery and Passenger Manifest Data!

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A family history overhaul

Deseret Morning News, Saturday, September 30, 2006

A family history overhaul
By Carrie A. Moore | Deseret Morning News

Whether your LDS ancestors pulled a handcart across the Plains or you have no affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there's a wealth of information being processed for placement on the Internet beginning next year that can tie you to your family tree — free.

Visitors to Temple Square walk past the LDS temple before conference weekend begins.

Thousands of Latter-day Saints in town for the church's 176th Semi-annual General Conference, which begins at 10 a.m. today, know something about their ancestry because they've long been taught to know who their progenitors are.

But relatively few know all of what's now available to help fill out their family tree, including archives that chronicle the early history of the LDS Church in exacting — and often personal — detail.

And with a complete overhaul of the church's Web site planned for the months ahead, even those who have no experience researching family history will be able to 'do something meaningful without having to learn anything prior,' according to Steve W. Anderson, online marketing manager for the church's Family History department.

New online tools will allow novices to log on and — with a few mouse clicks — pull up their family tree, with details about ancestors, of any faith or none, that are part of the database. 'You'll be able to attach images or photos to it, or something like a timeline of events. It will have all kind of things to make it a much richer resource.'"
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