Monday, April 16, 2007

Salt Lake City Family History Library now has Wireless Access

Update on Wireless Access at the Salt Lake Family History Library
The genealogists' "reporter on the scene," Mike St. Clair, sent an e-mail describing the latest developments of wireless Internet access, or "Wi-Fi," for use by patrons at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. When visiting the Family History Library (and many other libraries), you can now use your own laptop computer or handheld PDA (personal digital assistant) with Wi-Fi wireless networking to check your e-mail, visit genealogy sites, or otherwise surf the web. You can do all this without connecting any network cables; the wireless networking in your device will connect via low-power radio waves to the building's network.

In fact, if all the library's computers are used on a busy day, you can pull your own laptop out of its carrying case and use that instead, as long as that laptop has Wi-Fi network capabilities. You do not need to wait for someone else to give up their seat at a library-owned computer. Even better, the library saves money because it does not need to purchase as many computers; many people would prefer to use their own.

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