Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Family Pursuit

Family Pursuit - Genealogy Software, Collaboration, Organized Research, Roll-Back Changes, Web Based - Family Pursuit is dedicated to providing the highest level of Genealogy Management Software. Combining true collaboration tools, comprehensive communication utilities, a complete data revisioning system to roll back and forth changes, and a web-based platform, Family Pursuit brings to life a rich collaborative genealogy environment.

Easily coordinate your efforts with family members anywhere in the world with our focused discussion boards, or merely pass on the intricate details of your research, collected from hours of genealogy dedication.
Create research plans to organize your data and bring family members together to work towards a specific objective through task sharing.
Our revisioning system enables you to enter conflicting data, roll back to prior versions of data, and merge and unmerge individuals, relationships, events, etc. Family Pursuit originated from the need to truly coordinate research efforts and has built the most comprehensive genealogy management system derived from the requests of genealogists.

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