Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NEW FamilySearch

new FamilySearch
Each of the news releases in the above link refer to the up coming new FamilySearch.9 release.

Click here for a pre-view PowerPoint Presentation on the Future of Family History. Have patience as this PowerPoint presentation has lots of pictures to load but it is well worth the wait.


jaanna said...

Was unable to download this. It gave an error message "mhtml is not a registered protocol". Is there something I need to do to access this?

Howard N Camp said...


Try Clicking on the NEW FamilySearch Link and then on the Future of Family History link at the top of that blog. It does take some time to download all of the graphics before it will be visable but I don't get the error message you are getting. Go to this link for more information on MHTML extension that should work in Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Safari. MHTML Extension