Wednesday, May 09, 2007 - Products is an online application that helps you manage your family history and genealogical research. has all the
features you're looking for to help you organize your research including:

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Web Interface - Award-winning, clear, straight-forward application design with integrated help makes managing and navigating through your content painless.
Access Your Research Anytime, Anywhere - Complete access to all of your family history data on from any web-enabled computer world wide.
Share Concurrent Access - Work concurrently with other family members on the same database by granting them unique usernames and passwords.
Integrated Online Research - Automatically search online repositories, including, using data contained in your PedigreeSoft files.
Pedigree, Family, Individual Views - Easily organize your family history through multiple views.
View and Print Reports and Charts - Easily create professional pedigree charts, family group records, decendancy charts and more.
Import and Export Records - Easily import and export standard GEDCOM files, export reports as HTML and PDF files and more.
Record Arbitrary Individual Attributes - Easily store any detail in any format about any individual.
Powerful In-Database Searching - Search not only by name, but find individuals by any attribute.
Multimedia Support - Record important family memories including photos, sounds, movies and more.
Open Multiple PedigreeSoft Databases - Keep track of seperate families by maintaining seperate PedigreeSoft databases/files and easily switch between them.
Continually Updated and Improved - The software is updated and improved daily. You're always using latest version of the software. No downloads. Always up-to-date.

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