Wednesday, May 02, 2007

US Census Tutorial

Welcome to the United States Census Tutorial!

Censuses are an excellent resource for researchers and historians that provide a “snapshot” of an individual or a household at a specific time and place in history. However, this wonderful wealth of information may go unused if the researcher does not understand how to effectively search a census schedule. This tutorial has been created with the express purpose of helping individuals with little or no previous census research experience learn how to effectively search and utilize the U.S. Federal Census schedules. Censuses are an important source of potential information about individuals, households, and communities located in the United States within the last 200 years.

Despite the quality of the source, finding an individual in a census can be a frustrating experience without a basic understanding of census history and purpose, types of indexes, and available sources. As you use this tutorial, your knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Federal Census will increase and you will be able to apply the methodology taught herein to locate individuals listed in the U.S. census population schedules.

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