Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"New" FamilySearch and the Future of Family History

People where having problems with my previous link to this Power Point presentation so I uploaded it to a new server. Now you can view it on-line or download it. If you don't have a PowerPoint viewer you can download it from here: Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer



Anonymous said...

Hi Howard - When I downloaded this and tried to open it, Microsoft PP Viewer says it cannot open it because it isn't a power point file. It does have the .ppt extension on it. What am I doing wrong?

Mary Alice

Anonymous said...


Your presentation will not open correctly from this blog. All I get is "Mime version 1".

Robert Collester

Howard N Camp said...

Try to download from this site:

Power Point Presentation:

Right Click on the url link and Select "Save Target As. . . " on the Context Menu.

Assign a name and location (usually Desktop) and click "Save".

If your viewer can't read it try downloading a newer version from Microsoft: for 2007 Viewer for 2003 Viewer

Let me know if that doesn't work and I can give you another download location.


Anonymous said...

Hi Howard,
I tried to open the Power Point Presentation and get the same message as others, that it is not a powerpoint file. Would really like to see the presentation. Any help you could offer would be of great help.