Friday, February 29, 2008

New Search Program

Something exciting is in the worksfrom Blog by Kendall Hulet
Over the past year, we’ve taken a close look at the Ancestry search process and asked our customers what issues they face when trying to find content on our site. Based on this feedback, we’ve been working on some new search features that we believe will make searching for records about your ancestors easier, faster and more effective.

We’ve made a New Year’s Resolution at Ancestry to do a better job of involving our customers in product enhancements early on so we can respond to feedback and make products that really meet your needs. That’s why, even though we were hoping to roll out the new search system earlier this year, we decided that it was absolutely critical that we invite some of you to try it out and give us direct feedback based on the new system before we launched it. So we invited a few lucky customers to take the new search for a spin and tell us what they think. We’ve been soaking up the feedback and we’re still busy making changes to improve the system based on that feedback. That said, it’s getting pretty close to time to launch

Here’s how we’ve made searching Ancestry better than ever:

1 Refine Search
Easily add information or remove it from your search – no more scrolling to the bottom of the page

2 Categories
Narrow your search by new, better organized content categories and subcategories

3 Matching Person
Get the best matches possible from family trees on Ancestry

4 Record Preview
Hover over a search result to preview more detailed information without having to click on the result

5 Image Snapshots
View sections of newspaper and journal images highlighting your search terms to see whether a match is relevant

6 Photo Results
See thumbnails of photos in your search results

7 Record Counts
Quickly learn how many matches you have

8 Site-wide Search
Search all of Ancestry at once without sacrificing a thing – and find photos, historical records, newspapers and histories all on the same page in a simpler, easier-to-read layout

9 Type-ahead Tools
Type information into a search field and Ancestry will forecast what you’re typing and fill in the remaining fields based on information already in your family tree

10 Advanced Search Options
Narrow your search with advanced search options that make sure your results exactly match the terms you’ve specified

11 Powerful Filters
Easily browse titles in Ancestry's card catalog by filtering a title’s category, location and/or date simultaneously

12 Sorting
Sort the list of titles you’re interested in alphabetically, by the date it was added or last updated, by popularity or by size

13 Keyword Search
Find a specific title on Ancestry using keywords

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