Saturday, May 17, 2008

FamilySearch Records Search Pilot is Expanding

FamilySearch Record Search is a quick and easy way to search millions of historical records for clues about your ancestors. Enter what you know about an ancestor, click search, and see matching records - all online. We're adding millions of new records so be sure to check back often.
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Record Search - Good gets Better!
12 May 2008 by Tim Crabb
We continue to work to make the site easier to use and have appreciated the comments and feedback that we have received over the past two weeks since our last update. Now we have updated the site one more time with the following changes:

No login required: We have opened the site up for quick and easy access without registering
Improved Home Page: Modified a bit of the look to freshen the site for new users
Improved Place Suggestions: Country and State suggestions are significantly better - see if it works better for you. But don’t forget searching by county and or city is still very much supported.
Client Side Caching: The site updates are better managed and subsequent startup times should be quicker
New Collections: Civil War Pensions and US 1860 Census (one state)
Please take a look at the site - we will be watching the blogs and feedback to hear how these changes are helping you!

Updated 12 May 2008 to version 1.31. Read more about Record Search on the Labs blog.

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