Friday, February 13, 2009

2009 BYU Conference on Computerized Family History & Genealogy

March 13-14, 2009

Canadian Records and Research Online
Southern European Research Online
What’s New on
Fun Family History Websites You May Have Missed
Know Your Ancestor’s Locality
Using a TiddlyWiki for Organizing Genealogical Research
Keynote Presentation - Susan Easton Black
O Canada! Canadian Research and Resources on the Web
Genealogy & Family History – The Perfect Social Media
The Life of a Digital Record
Electronic Resources for Solving United States Problems
Too Many with the Same Name
Genealogy Hacks: Tricks to Crack Seven Top Genealogy Web Sites
Online Family Trees: Billions of Names at Your Fingertips
The National Archives Web Site: A Guide for Genealogists
Read All About It – A Guide to Newspapers Online
Can You Hear Me Now? – Voice Recognition Software and Genealogy
Beyond Ancestry – Overlooked and Underused Subscription Sites
My Ancestor on eBay®?
Loretta Internet Sources for the Midwestern States
Digital Photography for the Genealogist REPEAT
Digital Photography for the Genealogist
Keeping Your PAF Data in Sync with
Database Mining: Exciting New Techniques for Disc. Your Family History
Forensic Genealogy –CSI Meets Roots
You Will Never Look at Your Old Photos the Same Way Again!
Family History Archive: Strategic Overview
Using Your Digital Camera to Copy Records
Comparing online alternatives for census searches for England and Wales
Exploring the English National Archives online
Smart Matching Technology
Family Tree Builder 3.0
Comparing Genealogy Database Programs: Certified Affiliates of FamilySearch
Generation Maps
Data Recovery from Corrupted/Damaged Floppy Disks and Thumb Drives
No Experience Needed: Beginner’s Guide to FREE Family History Websites
German/Internet: Town Genealogies and Parish Indexes
Internet Sources for Locating Your 19th Century German Emigrant
England Jurisdictions Project
Tracing Your English Ancestors on the Web
Celtic Fringe: Internet Resources for Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
Beyond Database Software
Making Sense of the Census
Demystifying Microsoft® Excel
Humor, Drama, Suspense: Capture it all with Microsoft® PowerPoint
Putting it all Together with MSWord2007
Using Google Books for Genealogy Research
Google News Archives and Google Alerts
Google Images, Video and Other Tools for Genealogists
Introduction to Google for Genealogists
The Future is Change: New and Emerging Products and Technologies
What’s New in Family History Technology
Tips for using the Internet more effectively
Family Websites: What They Are and How You Can Use Them
Electronic Publishing: for electronic and paper venues
Blogs, Wikis, & Social Networking: What they are and Why they’re for Genealogists
How to find and how to use vital records online
Online Tools to Create, Improve and Publish Your Family History
Research Logs 2.0 Go digital with research logs using MS OneNote
You Need a Search Strategy (limitations & keys to databases)
Digitized German Records: On-line and on disc
Genealogy Jeopardy: Technology Edition
Cemetery Research Online: Pitfalls and Promises
50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites
Genealogy Data Online: A Report Card
Naturalization Records Online
Library and Society Collections Online!
Using DNA to Solve Genealogical Mysteries: A Case Study
Family History Library Desktop – A Gold Mine of Data
Film Your Family History!
Accessing Books via the Internet
Disasters Happen! – Data Protection & Recovery
How Genealogy Software Programs Handle Source Citations
Citations Made Easy
Technology and Land & Property Records
Creating Your Own Digital Archive
Freeware and Shareware for Family History
A Comprehensive Guide to Online Military Records
Harnessing the Power of DNA: DNA Methodologies
FamilyInsight: Making the FamilySearch Transition Easy
4 Simple Steps – Your life story in book form

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