Thursday, February 05, 2009

Family History Library Cataloge 2.0

GenSeek - Family History Catalogue 2.0 - FamilyLink is an upcoming FamilyLink website. Paul Allen recently mentioned the site in several tweets. Geneablogger Mark Tucker guessed that it might the website for the Family History Catalogue 2.0 that had been mentioned in the past, and Paul Allen commented on his blog post to confirm that.

Googling and Guessing

There is a bit more information in some of Paul Allen's tweets, and there is a job posting on the new corporate site for Chief Genealogy Officer for

Paul Allen seemed unwilling to reveal more. That's understandable for a work in progress, but it is amazing how much a little bit of investigative journalism, nothing more than some googling and guessing, will uncover.

Public Information

There is a lot that is public already. If you follow me on twitter, or read Mark Tucker's blog post, you will have noticed my question about Let's start with that.


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