Saturday, March 07, 2009

Collecting Old and Historic Newspapers

Yes! There are actually people who collect old and historic newspapers! Why would people want old newspapers? Actually, the hobby is quite fascinating. There are at least two myths that surround the hobby that need to be cleared up first.

First, non-collectors tend to think of say a hundred-year-old newspaper as being VERY rare and a "museum piece". This is NOT the case at all. In reality, often even an early 1800's ORIGINAL historic newspaper can be purchased for under $10. Why such a low value for something so old? Do you recall the economics theory of "supply and demand"? It applies with newspaper collecting too. There are MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of old and historic newspapers around for purchase -- and very few collectors. Don't get me wrong, however. There ARE some newspaper editions with values into the hundreds and a few in the thousands of dollars range in value. Read the Primer on Collecting to learn how values are established.

Second, non-collectors are under the impression that even a fifty year old newspaper would be brittle, very delicate, and highly yellowed. Actually, newspapers printed prior to the Custer massacre were printed on a special high grade paper called "rag linen". This paper was made from cloth and contained NO acid like "modern" newspapers. Since there is no acid in rag linen, they do not become brittle or delicate. Often, newspapers printed prior to 1876 seem almost like they came off the printing press yesterday.This is just one of the many History Buff collections you will find on this site. Here is the complete list with links to more "History Buff" history.

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