Sunday, December 27, 2009

Standard Finder

With Standard Finder you can search for a standardized name, date or place based on your input. The Standard Finder will present the standards that will be used in future releases of new FamilySearch. Come and try out your historical and current entries and understand how the system will interpret your input. Use filtered results to see what we think the best match would be or uncheck filtered results to see all the possible standards. Then send FamilySearch feedback on how the system can do better. Recently compiled (September 2009), a new data catalog has been uploaded for use in Standard Finder. Incorporated into this catalog are extensive jurisdictional additions for European and African countries, as well as United States County areas. As it continues to develop and expand, your comments are welcomed and help influence priority.

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Howard N Camp said...

The url has changed - this is the new LINK.