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Standard Finder

With Standard Finder you can search for a standardized name, date or place based on your input. The Standard Finder will present the standards that will be used in future releases of new FamilySearch. Come and try out your historical and current entries and understand how the system will interpret your input. Use filtered results to see what we think the best match would be or uncheck filtered results to see all the possible standards. Then send FamilySearch feedback on how the system can do better. Recently compiled (September 2009), a new data catalog has been uploaded for use in Standard Finder. Incorporated into this catalog are extensive jurisdictional additions for European and African countries, as well as United States County areas. As it continues to develop and expand, your comments are welcomed and help influence priority.

Community Trees

Community Trees are lineage-linked genealogies from specific time periods and geographic localities around the world. The information also includes the supporting sources. Most of the genealogies are joint projects between FamilySearch and others who live locally or have expertise in the area or records used to create the genealogies. Each Community Tree is a searchable database with views of individuals, families, ancestors and descendants, as well as printing options.

The scope of partner projects may be a small, grass roots village or township working together to form a family tree of all the known residents of its community for a given time period. Some are genealogical and historical societies working with FamilySearch to index several sources of data to link them to common, lineage-linked genealogies of a targeted geographic area of interest.

The scope could also be focused on a particular record set and locality. The goal may be to identify and reconstitute all families of a particular place from a village, county, or even a country. Many of the current projects were produced by FamilySearch's Family Reconstitution team and date back to the medieval times. One even has the audio of the oral genealogies attached.

GEDCOM downloads of the community trees may be available depending on any records access restrictions. No living information is available in this public view. Edits and corrections to these databases are usually restricted by the partners, but please contact them to offer suggestions, corrections and new information. Some partners may have additional information or enhanced versions of the genealogies on their own website. These databases will be updated if they are a work in progress.

If you have a database you have created from original source material that you think would be a good addition to the FamilySearch Community Trees or would like to participate somehow, contact Raymond W. Madsen at

Current Collections

British Isles: Peerage, Gentry and Colonial American Connections: This database was compiled from 15 reputable publications. These lines are very important because they connect to many immigrants to America. Updated 5 December 2009

Canada: Manitoba: Winnipegosis: Lineage-linked community tree who lived in Winnipegosis and their descendants as far as can be identified. Ancestors may be included except and until they connect with another community tree, such as for instance the Icelandic Community Tree. 30 November 2009

Canada: New Brunswick: Southampton: Millville Communities Family Tree: The Millville Community Family Tree is a joint project with the community of Millville, New Brunswick and FamilySearch International to preserve the heritage of the communities of Southampton parish and other communities including some in Bright and Queensbury parish, through genealogy. Updated 8 December 2009

Canada: Nova Scotia: Kings County: Community Family Tree: Kings County Community Family Tree is a joint project with the Kings Historical Society and FamilySearch International to preserve the county heritage through genealogy.

Canada: Toronto: Youngs in Toronto: Extracted and linked records of Young families in Toronto, Ontario from provincial civil registration: births (1869-1909), marriages (1869-1924), and deaths (1869-1934). Also includes allied families.

England: London: Residence of London: The London Project consists of individuals living in London extracted from Boyd's "Citizen's of London"; controlled extraction records from the International Genealogical Index (IGI); and other records dealing with London.

England: Norfolk Visitations, 1563: The Visitation of Norfolk conducted by William Harvey, Clarenceux King of Arms. This database contains lineage linked families.

England: Todd Knowles Jewish Collection: Jewish database from the British Isles

Europe: Royal and Noble Houses (predominately England and France):This database contains ancestors and descendants of Charlemagne; Louis IX of France; Edward I of England; Charles I of England; Scandinavian and Spanish Royal families; plus many other royal, noble and gentry lineages.

Europe: Royal and Noble Houses (predominately German): This database was first compiled by the previous Medieval Families Unit and has been updated and corrected using on-line databases, Schwennicke, and other nobility sources.

Iceland: Iceland Historical Family Trees: Linked Genealogies of Iceland from 100 A.D to the 1800s extracted from sagas, parish registers, census records and compiled family histories.

Norway: Oppland County: Sor-Aurdal Clerical District: Norway project by FamilySearch International Family Reconstitution team to build community family trees for the several clerical districts of Norway.

Pacific Islands: Cole Jensen Collection: This important collection is one of the best sources for family records, pedigrees, and historical information that is available for the Pacific Island People.

Pacific Islands: French Polynesia: Atuona Island: Atuona, located on the southern side of Hiva Oa island, is the centrer of the of Hiva-Oa. Atuona was the capital of all the Marquesas Islands but it has been replaced by Taiohae (on Nuku Hiva). Atuona comprises the valleys of Atuona, Taaoa, Tahauku and Hanamate.

Pacific Islands: New Zealand: Maori: Meha Genealogy: Information entered from Maori pedigree charts, 13 B.C. 1790 A.D.

Pacific Islands: Tonga: Oral Genealogies and Community Trees: Tonga Oral History, Siosifa Tu'Iketei Pule of Kolofo'ou, Nuku'alofa. Tape 2 Interviewer: Tevita 'Uatahausi Mapa Dates 4th July and 25 August 1973.

Peru: Community Family Tree: Extracted from compiled family and historical records. Many of the notes are in Spanish.

Scotland: Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae: Lineage linked families for ministers of the Church of Scotland from the Reformation. Updated 16 Novermber 2009

United States, Oregon, Hood River: Community Tree: Hood River County Oregon Genealogy Database Currently this database includes information on deceased individuals from histories of Hood River County, Oregon, the Hood River County portion of the 1860-1900 Wasco County, Oregon Census, and 1910-1930 Hood River County, Oregon Census. In addition, available marriage, death records, and information from various other sources are included. 23 November 2009

United States: Washington: Lewis County: Community Family Trees: This database contains the records of families listed in the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 US Census for Lewis County, Washington. We have merged families that appear in multiple census records together to provide a better view of the family over the years. The data that came from each census can be seen in the source citation for that record. This is a preliminary version of the merging and will be updated with an improved version containing additional records from the History of Lewis County, Washington (by Nix) in October 2009.

Wales: Medieval Records Primarily of Nobility and Gentry: This Welsh database, when complete, will include lineage linked data for approximately 350,000 individuals, living from about 100 A.D. to 1700 A.D. The base data was extracted from Peter Bartrum's "Welsh Genealogies." Updated 5 December 2009

Library of Congress Wise Guide

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The Library’s holdings range from prints, photographs, films, audio recordings, maps, manuscripts, music and digital materials to (of course) books. We are also a place that sponsors concerts, lectures, dance performances, film screenings and poetry readings. All this and more will be featured on the site. So, take a look, play around and be inspired by the wonderful world of the Wise Guide.

The National Archives Digital Vaults

The National Archives holds more than 10 Billion Records and they have selected more than 1,200 Records of Photos and Documents in their Digital Vaults for you to explore. You can search for key words and move the results to the center and see related documents and photos.