Thursday, February 03, 2011

Find A County

Find A County - NACo collects information on counties, such as county officials, courthouse addresses, county seats, cities within a county as well as various statistical and geographical information. To see a listing of the counties for a state: click on the title above, then select a State from the interactive map. You are then able to get more detailed information on counties. To view the State interactive map click HERE!

BitTorrent Explained

Chances are, even if you’re one of the millions who use BitTorrent every day, you don’t really know how it works. That’s part of the magic that makes it so popular - it just works. It helps you download files from the Internet faster than any other method. This video explains the moving parts that work together to deliver the file to your computer.

Those of you who tune-in to the Common Craft blog may remember that we made a custom video for BitTorrent a while back. This video is very similar. Because BitTorrent is such a popular and misunderstood technology, we made a deal with the BitTorrent to be able to publish the video for our library. So, it is now available for licensing and use in education.

View Video Here

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IGI - Past - Present - Future

01/03/2011 - What is IGI?
01/04/2011 - When was IGI?
01/05/2011 - Whence IGI?
01/06/2011 - Why was IGI?
01/07/2011 - How is IGI?
01/11/2011 - Where Did IGI Go?
Every once in a while you find an article or series of articles on family history that is truly in-depth and enlightening. Such was the case a couple of weeks ago when the Ancestry Insider started his series on the International Genealogical Index (IGI). It started on January 3rd on “What is the IGI? Then on the 4th he followed up with “When was the IGI?”, 5th with “Whence the IGI?”, the 6th with “Why Was the IGI?” , 7th with “How is the IGI?” and finally on January 11th with “Where Did the IGI Go?” I found it most fascinating and informative since I’ve been working with the IGI for over 30 years. It continued when I was a Family History Consultant working in the Lincoln, Nebraska Family History Center and then when I organized the Personal Ancestral File – Lincoln User’s Group. I’ve worked with the IGI through microfiche, compact disc, the addendums and now the Internet but I never understood it as well as the Insider laid it out. I asked his permission to publish his 6 articles into a PDF file which you can download from here: IGI.PDF You can also go to his original blogs at the links above or find out more about him at: Who is Ancestry Insider?
Thank you – Insider for a great insight into the IGI.
Howard N Camp