Saturday, December 01, 2012

German Script Tutorial from BYU

German Script Tutorial from BYU
Thanks to Lila Garner for pointing out this site. You will love this tutorial if you are trying to read Old German Script. The term Old German Script, as used throughout this tutorial, refers to the typefaces and handwriting styles of German-speaking countries during the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries. Although these scripts are based on the Latin alphabet, many of the individual letters may appear to the untrained eye as unique as the letters of the Russian or Arabic alphabets. Old German Script was used widely until the end of World War II, when Latin forms became the accepted standard for handwriting and printing. Nowadays very few German speakers can read or write Old German Script.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

We are as excited as ever for the Story@Home event being held February 1-2, 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Story@Home conference is all about story; we will entertain, celebrate and explore ways that the power of story can help you create connections with those you cherish.
We are honored to have the Story@Home conference hosted by FamilySearch. FamilySearch is the largest genealogy organization in the world. Millions of people use FamilySearch records, resources, and services each year to learn more about their family history. FamilySearch provides:
FREE service to all at no cost
2.5 Billion names from all over the world
4,500 Family History Centers worldwide
24/7 Free expert phone support
Like Cherish|Bound, FamilySearch knows that learning the stories of our families helps us better understand who we are รข€” creating a family bond, linking the present to the past, and building a bridge to the future.
We are proud to work together to bring you the Story@Home conference. We hope you will join us – our story isn’t the same without you!
Visit the Story@Home website:
Register here (save $20 and register with the early bird discount on a full event pass through October 30, 2012): "
Here’s a couple of great 3-minute videos to help you find out more about our friends at FamilySearch:
We look forward to seeing you at Story@Home!
What's Your Story?

Friday, September 07, 2012

Watch The Google Genealogist YouTube Instruction Videos
Part 1 Finding
Part 2 Finding
Part 3 Organizing
Part 4 Photo's and Pictures
Part 5 Publishing


FREE Search Sites

More FREE Searching

Ten Great LDS Family History Databases

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Midwest Family History Expo 2012

Kearney, Nebraska on September 07, 2012   1:00 pm - September 08, 2012   4:30 pm at:

Holiday Inn Convention Center
110 South Second Avenue
Kearney, Nebraska - 68848

Click Here to view the Holiday Inn Convention Center website.

For more information Click here:

Free Fan Chart

If you have access to you can fill out a free pedigree fan-chart simply by clicking on a few hyperlinks at: and create this beautiful full color fan chart.

Saturday, June 02, 2012 Website Map

I've updated my navigation map of which I posted last year.  There are now 40 points of interest instead of the old 20.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Search the 1940 Census and find your ancestors!

I made it! I'm on the 1940 US Census and I found me!
1940 Census for ME
Here are several great sites to help you find your ancestors and maybe even you!
1. Search the 1940 Census
2. 1940 Census Finder